I am an artist and maker based in my hometown in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and I work from my studio at home.


After completing my degree in Fine Art in 2003 I started to work as a self employed practising artist creating mixed media paintings and collages; a selection of these can be viewed on the Artwork page.  I exhibited regularly in local and national exhibitions, undertook residencies and commissions; applying for opportunities that suited my ethos and style of working.  I also did art workshops for adults and children, gave talks and participated in Open Studios events for several years.


In 2007 I began full time employment in East Yorkshire as a gallery manager which meant my career as an artist reluctantly had to be put on the back burner.  I tried to keep painting and 'created' when I could but it was very infrequent. I co-ordinated exhibitions for other artists, was involved with arts events and ran art workshops regularly as part of my job; so I was still involved in the arts, but on another level.


I left full time employment in 2010 as the creative spark was starting to re-ignite and over the past couple of years I have been getting back into the swing of things as an artist and maker.  I now work part time doing bookkeeping and accounts to 'pay the bills'.  The rest of the time is dedicated to being creative. 


I still paint, create mixed media pieces and enjoy the challenge of creating assemblages.  I am still heavily influenced by found objects, collage, ephemera, the 'throwaway', re-using, vintage and anything remotely curious or unusual.  However, these influences have evolved and I also work in other crafts such as textiles, printmaking and jewellery.